Communication systems

Communication systems

Communication is a fundamental part of every society.

Advanced communications systems are a must for any organisation

Developments in technology mean that there has never been more information available to so many people. The amount of available information continues to increase in the form of data, images, sounds and video. With the possibility to instantly pass on this information via communications networks it becomes omnipresent and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Protect the installations and maintain contact under all circumstances

For critical installations, SLAT’s role is to ensure that information can circulate reliably and effectively thanks to its uninterruptible power supplies. WIFI applications are also becoming increasingly important. In parallel to the increased use of mobile telephones, the miniaturisation of components means that sensors can be fitted to a whole range of objects (embedded systems). Communicating in networks, these sensors can be used to monitor or trigger actions. The possible applications are endless, it is therefore important to develop protocols capable of managing these data exchanges whilst minimising the amount of power required to operate the system. Any power outage in these sensitive systems can result lost data with very serious and costly consequences.

Given the critical aspects of the different challenges across our markets, SLAT offers products capable of meeting the requirements of these increasingly complex communications systems. Our engineering and design department is constantly looking for ways to make use of new technologies in order to maintain our competitive edge and provide secure power supplies which are perfectly adapted to the changes in these systems. Discover our communications systems protection ranges: