Presentation of SLAT

Presentation of SLAT

SLAT is the European leader in uninterruptible power supplies for safety, security, building comfort, urban security, industrial automation and information systems applications.

Our Know-How

SLAT designs and manufactures power supplies which are either fitted with, or ready to receive, a battery to ensure an uninterrupted power supply adapted to all kinds of applications for which continuity of service is critical.

Our Areas of Expertise

SLAT is an expert provider of “long-term back up” offering maximum energy efficiency with certified products fully compliant with the professional standards in force. SLAT UPS are composed of a power supply and battery charger offering peace of mind and protection against unforeseen problems with the electricity distribution network. We are experts in ensuring continuity of service when a secure power supply is critical:

Design, manufacture and marketing

The sales offices in Germany, France and the Netherlands

SLAT is a member of professional associations, such as GESI, IGNES, AN2V, AIDELEC, BHE, ZVEI, COBATY International, and the Smart Building Alliance. SLAT is certified by AFNOR ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 version 2015.

European production site based in Lyon

To ensure optimal client satisfaction and achieve Operational Excellence, SLAT has developed its own production system: the SLAT Production System. It is based on the principles of lean management (improved added value, less waste, and just-in-time production) and is structured around our fundamentals and firmly rooted in the company‘s Basics such as shared values, respecting our commitments, aiming for zero defects, and reaching our objectives.

European research and development site based in Lyon

SLAT‘s R&D Department develops products through

innovation, and is supported by an active patenting policy. Its innovations concern telecoms applications, the management of smart buildings, fire safety and technology for use in longlife high yield battery packs. Over 20% of SLAT‘s staff work in R&D, which means SLAT can provide its clients with a broad range of new products every year. SLAT participates in standards committees for the safety of people and buildings: French (AFNOR), European (CENELEC) and international (IEC).

SLAT offers its clients

Product quality

SLAT has adopted KAIZEN-based approach for many years.This concept underpins all our operations, with a focus on continual improvement („What can I improve today?“) and it has enabled SLAT to forge its company culture. This culture, adopted by every employee, sees improvements in each person‘s responsibilities made every single day in order to produce high quality products. SLAT‘s Quality team provides direct technical support throughout your product’s life cycle, from installation to the end of its life. The Quality team works in close collaboration with the R&D department to constantly improve new products using information obtained from your feedback from the field. Our clients are best placed to testify to the quality of our products! 94% recommend our solutions*.

*Customer satisfaction survey 2015

Flawless service

SLAT guarantees the reliable supply of its solutions, regardless of our (internal or external) operating conditions. In order to plan for incidents which could adversely impact SLAT‘s service a Business Resumption Plan has been drawn up to restore our IT systems with the least possible disturbance in the event of a system failure. A Business Continuity Plan has also been established to cope with any possible incidents affecting our teams or our production facilities. SLAT also uses FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) when developing its products and production processes. This complete risk management approach used within SLAT is an integral part of our processes. It has enabled SLAT to become one of the first European companies to be certified ISO 9001 and 14001 version 2015. SLAT works with suppliers capable of ensuring a reliable supply of parts and carries out regular quality process and financial audits. It also has a range of sources for the supply of all critical components. As part of our quality policy we commit to meeting our delivery deadlines and provide our clients with reliable lead times that correspond to their needs. More than 90% of our clients say they are satisfied with our lead times*.

Environmental responsibility

SLAT has been ISO 14001 certified since 2008. Our products are manufactured using eco-design specifications which comply with the very highest standards, and aim to reduce our products‘ environmental footprint during both production and use. The environment is an everyday concern for all our teams who adopt a responsible, civic approach. In 2015, 82% of the waste from the company‘s business was sorted and recycled.

Social responsibility

SLAT complies with the highest levels of social responsibility and guarantees fair treatment for all its clients. The company contributes to training future generations by offering apprenticeships, vocational training courses, and supporting the IAE Lyon school of management. Since 2015, SLAT has opened up our workshops to the longterm unemployed to offer them a way back into to work. We also sits on standards committees at French and European levels.

History of the company: From 1953 to the present day

SLAT expert depuis 1953

  • Founded in 1953, SLAT developed the first secure power supplies for the telephone system.
  • In the 1960s, SLAT innovated to create the first regulating power supplies.
  • SLAT‘s technological expertise made it one of the first companies to offer emergency power supplies in the 1980s.
  • In 1989, SLAT became part of the Quante group, a German specialist in telecoms materials, which brought the company a European marketing dimension and imposed high German quality standards.
  • The company’s first security power supplies were certified in 1995. The quality of SLAT‘s products quickly made it the market leader.
  • The 3M group bought Quante in 2000, bringing increased industrial discipline.
  • In 2008, SLAT launched its first products for urban video protection. The demanding device for external use required real expertise in the use of Lithium batteries.
  • In 2009, the management team bought the company with the support of an investment fund. At the same time, SLAT began to market safety products requiring high voltage discharge.
  • More recently, SLAT has equipped its power supplies with a communication system, compatible with the main industrial and IT protocols. Since then, SLAT has continued to invest in R&D for growth: today 20% of its staff work in this area.
  • In 2015, having developed a miniaturised lithium battery pack and an electronic system for the safe management of lithium batteries, SLAT launched the Safe DC range. These Micro-UPS DC, containing a number of patented innovations, are designed to perfectly meet the safety requirements and demands of all Smart Building applications.