Intrusion / Access control

Intrusion / Access control

Securing property and places: a growing market

Protecting property and premises

Intrusion and access control have become essential priorities for securing buildings and today the focus is on technological convergence and the upgradability of our solutions. Technological convergence relates to the compatibility of components: the end users become the masters of their own equipment which can be easily upgraded as and when required. However, to ensure optimal security this technology needs to adapt to the constraints and specificities of each installation. It is therefore vital that these systems benefit from complete continuity of service.

SLAT has therefore introduced purpose-designed and built intrusion and access control systems.

It is important in these circumstances to have high quality, reliable products with a back-up function to ensure continuous operation 24/7. By anticipating changes in the market and in order to meet this challenge, SLAT develops its ranges of secure power supplies for this regulated market, to ensure they are interoperable and communicating. Our AXS2, AXS3, AXRS and ACCES power supplies have been a huge success with our clients, distributors, systems integrators and installers.


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