Fire Safety

Fire Safety

The protection of people is SLAT’s largest market.

Fire is still a major cause of deaths

There were 281,900* fires in 2014, 11,718 of which occurred in establishments open to the general public or on company premises. This resulted in 70% the affected companies going out of business, leaving their employees without work. In total, fires account for 30,000 victims a year.


This figure is dropping thanks to increasingly high-performance fire detection systems and the expertise of the emergency services. However, conscientious professionals and stakeholders need to be increasingly vigilant in order to provide optimal protection for the people they are responsible for.


SLAT is a major supplier of power supplies for fire safety systems.

A battery-powered power supply protects the fire safety systems from power outages thus helping to guarantee that people remain protected. Our product ranges are constantly being developed to meet regulatory requirements and comply with the industry standards: “Fire detection and fire alarm systems” (NF EN 54-4/A2), “Smoke and heat control systems” (NF EN 12 101-10), “Fire detection and alarm systems” (EN 54-16), “Sound systems for emergency purposes” (EN 60849) and “Smoke and heat control systems” (EN 12 101-10).


Our engineering and design department is part of European and National standards commissions, which closely monitor fire safety regulations. SLAT has over 40 years’ experience in this field and is recognised as an expert in the continuity of service for safety equipment.






*Figures from SDIS 2014 (FRANCE)