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HV / LV substations

Activate switchgear even after years

MV / LV transformer substations are often in isolated locations, sometimes enduring severe climatic conditions. The power supply must provide the necessary energy to the switches or breakers commands even after months or years of inactivity.

To succeed every day, the Energo power supplies of SLAT are featuring a very thorough monitoring of the sealed lead batteries. They will reliably provide energy to the control-command when the HV network is absent. A patented algorithm predicts the end of battery life ... months in advance! You will be able to schedule their replacement well before the sudden death of lead batteries.

For isolated sites, and especially for wind farms or solar farms, SLAT offers a Lithium version for your serenity. It accepts significant temperature variations without loss of capacity. Its low impedance is particularly well suited for MV control-command inrush currents. In addition, Lithium SLAT batteries have a service life of 10 years without maintenance: they will avoid many trips to remote sites.

Designed and assembled in France
3 year warranty on our products
Delivered in 5 days
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